How to simulate management fees for trading funds?
Author: abegy
Creation Date: 7/9/2018 4:41 PM
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Hi Eugene,

When you trade funds, you have entry/exit commissions but also management fees.
I would like to know if it is possible to simulate management fees inside WLD ?

Management fees are taken as a percentage of the equity. As this is not taken in your cash account, each unit of funds are converted in cents to be able to take the management fee.

I haven't find in the documentation or in the forum how to do that.
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Hi Alexandre,

I guess you could come up with a custom Commission structure that takes into account your normal commissions as well as the extra management fee. Some coding is required. Check out this open source example below:

Home - Community.Commissions
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Thanks Eugene. Sorry if I was not clear but my problem is more focused if I can use a fraction of unit of shares to be able to sell some of them as a management fees.

For example with a cash account of 12 420€
--> BUY 100 FR0010342600 at 120€ (entry commission : 3,5% --> equity 12 000€ for 100 units)
--> after 1 month, FR0010342600 at 130€ (management fees : 1.5% --> equity 12 805€ for 98.5 units)

In this example, I need to sell 1.5 unit of shares to simulate management fees. Is it possible ?
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I don't think that fractional shares are supported.

P.S. Not sure if a workaround like this would apply but one can affect portfolio equity with a fundamental item:

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