How to set earnings conditions via Rules?
Author: rajeshchawla
Creation Date: 5/2/2017 3:28 PM
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Hi folks,

I'm working to set up my first trading strategy via rules. I'd like to set up the following
earning conditions, but can't seem to figure it out.

1. The firm's last quarter must be positive.
2. The firm's 12 months' earnings must be positive.
3. Earnings estimates for the next quarter must be positive.
4. Earnings estimates for the next year must be positive.

I see 'Cumulative Fundamental Item for Period is above Value' under the General Fundamentals tab, however, I'm looking for a condition for each period.

Suggestions appreciated.

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Hi Rajesh,

I'm not sure why you think that 'Cumulative Fundamental Item for Period is above Value' won't do it for your condition #2. I think it fits the bill since the rule aggregates the fundamental item. But if a trading strategy requires that each quarterly report of the last year is positive, then this can be achieved in code - by applying Series is Above a Value (with period = 4) from Community Indicators library to the earnings FundamentalDataSeries (see QuickRef in WLP for more).
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Appreciate the pointer to the code. I'll check it out.
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