How to install Extensions?
Author: magicgb
Creation Date: 8/26/2010 9:33 AM
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How do we update the Extensions for W6? No items display to install.
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Please see the User Guide:
Extension Manager > Fidelity Supported
Extension Manager > Other Extensions

Most extensions fit this last category, which requires you to log in to this site to download and install the extension. Click "Extensions" in the main menu above.
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Look at top of this page.... Follow link(s) "Extentions" then "Get Extensions". You'll find them in left hand column.
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I tried this, but the website keeps returning
Download failed
Wealth-Lab extensions are available only to Wealth-Lab Version 5 customers. If you are a Wealth-Lab Pro/Developer 5 customer and do not have access to extensions, please Create a Support Ticket.
message after clicking the Download button.
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Already replied in a support ticket. I believe that the message is pretty self-descripting.
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magicb, when posting next time please target the appropriate forum - Extensions.
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If the message is self expanatory, does that mean that users with the 6 version are not allowed to use this extension?
Isn't it a step backwards?
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Actually, it's just the message text that wasn't "upgraded" yet for Version 6 (something that needs to be fixed).

In fact, it's trying to tell that only registered Wealth-Lab customers (Fidelity WLP6 or MS123 WLD6) can enjoy access to any Extensions.
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To rephrase the Wealth-Lab Wiki FAQ on this question:

* Extension downloads are available only to legitimate Wealth-Lab customers.
* Extensions are not available to trial users - both active and expired, as well as to users w/o trials.
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