How to create Indicator?
Author: pedroivo96
Creation Date: 6/24/2012 4:36 PM
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I found in the forum many codes to create indicators,but I don't know where I paste the code.Can you make a tutorial how I do this?
Pedro Ivo
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See the WealthScript Programming Guide (Help menu) > Indicators > Custom Indicators.

A tutorial like this won't make any sense, and once you learn a bit of C# 101 you'll quickly understand why. Wealth-Lab is about pure C#, an indicator - whether "formal" or inline - inherits from the DataSeries type. Consequently, for a programmer "inserting" a DataSeries or, for example, a basic data type like boolean or string, is essentially the same thing.

Here's a pointer from the Wiki FAQ on How do I start with C# ?
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