How to connect to eSignal??
Author: kong339
Creation Date: 10/13/2011 4:13 AM
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Hello ! I am new user, can anyone teach me how to get eSignal connected to Wealth Lab 6 ? I trade only forex.

Thank you !
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It requires an data adapter for eSignal. We have a project for one in work, but being a small company constantly juggling priorities, it seems that this adapter keeps getting put on the "back burner". Apart from that, we'd like to work with eSignal's new multi-threaded app (Version 12, I think), but they have not published an API for it.

As a suggestion for EOD stocks, futures, and forex, Norgate Premium Data is quite complete and well-managed. It's MetaStock format currently, so you can use our MetaStock adapter to connect to it.
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Thank you Cone.

When I export data from eSignal to .csv (Ascii)format, the date format is MM/DD/YY, i.e. it has a forward slash seperating month day and year. This format is not acceptable by WL6.

Any way to overcome this ?
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Almost any format is acceptable; undoubtedly, with forward slash too. Type in your format e.g. MM/dd/yy into the input field.
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