How to code priority on buy and sell for not mutually exclusive conditions
Author: sofia
Creation Date: 4/24/2016 10:55 PM
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How do I code this logic. I have two buy conditions and two sell conditions. But they are not mutually exclusive (XOR) all the time. i.e
buy1 ^ buy2 can be false and sell1 ^ sell2 can be false. The priority is on the first condition that triggers. i.e if buy1 triggers first then buy2 is disabled and buy2 and buy1 are both enabled only after closing of buy1. Similarly if sell2 is first triggered then sell1 is disabled and sell1 and sell2 are both enabled after closing of sell2

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It seems to me that "setups" is what you're looking for?

Setups, Triggers, Delays, and Timeouts
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