How to close VolumePane
Author: istock888
Creation Date: 10/23/2017 12:07 AM
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Say I want to close the volume pane in a chart without closing the main price pane, how to realize it?
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As states the User Guide (Preferences > Chart Colors and Styles):

Tip: Volume and the Volume Pane can be removed from the chart with the HideVolume() method in your script.

Look it up in the QuickRef (F11 key).

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Non-programmatically (and excluding the main chart) you can "minimize/maximize" panes by clicking the - and + next to the label in the pane's upper left corner. If the labels are not shown, you need to enable the "Show Indicators Labels on Chart" button in the chart toolbar.
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Thanks Eugene and Cone for the info. Both are what I am looking for!
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