How to add NSE DataSet?
Author: bhushan
Creation Date: 12/28/2017 8:27 AM
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How can I add NSE Dataset in Wealth-Lab (Developer) Strategy?
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Typically you'd use Yahoo's Classification Groups (Create New DataSet > Yahoo provider > Select from Classification Groups > World Indexes >...) Unfortunately, the choice for India and NSE just does not exist for some reason. I guess this is due to Yahoo! Finance website not listing the index constituents. Take Nifty 50, for example: it's empty.

So if you could obtain the symbols in Yahoo-compatible format (aka Reuters notation) and paste them into the New DataSet Wizard that might be the workaround. Don't forget to add applicable suffix (.BO or .NS).
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On second thought, Yahoo! may not serve as a workaround. Took a few Indian stocks for example just to discover that Y! does not have the historical data for them:

This means that you probably won't be able to download the data from Yahoo.
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On the bright side, Wealth-Lab paying customers should have no problem downloading NSE data using our Quandl static provider:

Free: National Stock Exchange of India
Paid: NSE premium

Like the rest of Wealth-Lab Extensions this is not available during free trial, sorry.
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