How to access time of bar?
Author: wltrade
Creation Date: 8/19/2009 6:56 PM
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I'm programming in WL 5.4 (C# language) and want to do something like the following (a la Pascal in WL 4):

If GetTime(Bar)>=930 then ...

QuickRef doesn't seem to have any instructions on how to access time so I'm at a loss.

Thanks for any inputs on this subject.
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Yes, QuickRef doesn't instruct you to do it because it's focused on the WealthScript namespace, while Date and Time operations are more basic, standard in .NET.

Here's how from our Wealth-Lab 5 Wiki FAQ:

An equivalent WealthScript function can't be found
How do I code a rule for time of the day?

Hope that helps.
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-Just getting back to this now and will look into the info you've sent. Thanks for your post.
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