How do I get %held by institutions ?
Author: hmg2020
Creation Date: 8/20/2009 1:29 PM
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Is there a way to get %held by institutions" like we can get float?
I know float can be obtained this way;
Please log in to see this code.

But what is the exact URL string that gives "% held by Institutions"?
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At least 8 different sources like this one are telling that "% held by institutions" is not available from Yahoo! Despite that you see it on their web pages.

P.S. Please use the CODE tags when posting code. It's very easy.
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Is the "% held by institutions" data available in the Fidelity Fundamental data?
If so, how do i plot it and use it in strategies - I couldn't find it in the Programming Guide Help.

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All items available in the Fidelity Fundamental data (and other fundamental providers) are listed under the "Fundamental Data" window (its button is next to "Indicators" on the toolbar).

Plotting fundamental items is covered in the User Guide (Charting > Fundamental Data). On how to access them in Strategies, refer to the QuickRef tool.
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