Historical Quarterly Earnings data providers
Author: sedelstein
Creation Date: 9/6/2018 11:02 PM
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Fidelity's Fundamental Data provider goes back 6yr or 24 quarterly earnings reports

Morningstar's data is an annual figure.

Does anyone know of any (hopefully free) providers of the earnings dates? I don't even need the earnings, just want to know when they reported them so I can observe price changes around those dates.

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1. Despite its earnings data goes back to 2010 I wouldn't recommend StreetInsider due to protection against web scraping: StreetInsider not downloading any fundamental data. But there are even better alternatives for Quarterly EPS data:

2. Zacks Adjusted Earnings provider (a later addition) has earnings going several years back (free data).

3. Zacks fundamental provider (part of Quandl suite): Fundamentals A or B collections (pricey!) may have earnings data but you should look it up on Quandl (Zacks)

4. YCharts provider (paid data) claims to have up to 30 years of history

5. Last but not least, 99WallStreet fundamental provider returns extended earnings data going back to 2009 (free data).
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Thanks Eugene, I will look into these sources
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Steve, you're welcome but don't forget to turn your private VPN off when browsing our website ;)
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