Hilbert Sine Wave Indicator
Author: DartboardTrader
Creation Date: 4/22/2009 11:56 AM
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Here is an implementation of the Hilbert Sine Wave indicator. Can someone please verify the output is reasonably similar to the Hilbert Sine Wave they have observed on other platforms? This is a translation, the implementation/output is not verified.

Maybe someone can code up a reasonable strategy against it? :) Or include it in the Community.Indicators, once someone confirms the output is the expected result.

The internals may also be useful indicators for anyone anticipating the 'turn' in the wave.

I included in the 'strategy' portion support/resistance levels based on the Hilbert output.


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Thanks Mike, great job! Does the output looks different from WL4 or I'm doing something incorrectly? I'm not familiar with the formula, so very well could be. Another possible reason, as we know, is that the formulas have been changed along the way and that's why they weren't included in WL5.
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Thanks for your contribution, it's now a part of Community.Indicators.
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