Genetic Optimizer Test Application
Author: ronc
Creation Date: 1/5/2013 10:55 PM
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The documentation for the Genetic Optimizer (, in Section 1, says " can use companion Genetic Optimizer Test application to quickly determine optimal population and generation counts."

Where can one find that application?
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It's WealthLab.Optimizers.Genetic.Test.exe in the Wealth-Lab's program folder. However, it's been broken (crashes on start). There's no ETA for a fix at the moment as we have higher priority tasks.
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Hi Eugene, The application seems to be running again. Is there any reference that describes it's use? it seems that it simulates a GA run by using the exhaustive results. But if I have exhaustive results, why would I bother with running a GA in the first place?

I am looking to see if it can aide in the estimation of initial population counts and expected generations, but obviously I don't have exhaustive results with me. How should I use this tool to that effect?
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Hi Jorge,

There's no formal reference that describes its usage. If you have a Strategy results with similar required runs, you can perform a genetic search in the Test utility to quickly determine optimal population and generation counts.
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