Generating MACD Trendline
Author: phlanders
Creation Date: 8/4/2010 5:47 AM
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Sorry it's been a long long time. Is there any way to generate MACD trend lines automatically, in order to identify MACD breakouts coinciding with 52 week lows. This works in conjunction with incomplete double bottoms in the slow stochastic. After a couple of years now I'm getting sick of searching manually. -Ed
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There's always a way.

... but Trendlines (TLs) are funny things to test because they're drawn using hindsight on peaks or troughs and then projected forward. If the TL is crossed but the breakout fails, that creates another new peak or trough and the TL is redrawn. So, sure it can be accomplished, but the rules for creating a TL have to be specific.

Meanwhile, here's something to chew on. This script detect divergence between MACD and Price. Later, this code was put into a few nice Community.Component functions that accomplish the same task without the need to reproduce this in yoru script.
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I was reading up on MACD divergence, but it's still too... unpredictable. It can't account for the effects of unexpected or otherwise unwanted material developments. Using what I described in addition to a similar analysis of RSI (forgot to mention that before) and the slow stochastics it is possible to catch stocks that aren't just out of favor, but completely abandoned. HBI at $4, WNC at $0.60, ASH at $5, CRR at $27... just some of my picks. It takes months even years for the setup but the moves can be so extraordinary. Once I pick a target I watch the same exact phenomenon occur with the MACD, RSI and Williams on an hourly, 15min, even 5 min and 1 min basis waiting for the resistant downtrend lines to approach zero then I make my move.
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