Future bars wanted for forecasting prices
Author: sourkraut
Creation Date: 3/23/2011 7:17 AM
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I know you'll think I'm crazy, but I want my scripts to peek into the future, for the purpose
of forcasting prices. Judging from old posts I suspect, that this is a topic many people would like to explore.

I would like to display a cone of probability to the right of the last bar on the price charts, using
something like:

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where Bias is a forcast factor.

In order to accomplish this I would need several additional bars above the Bars.Count.

So here is my request:
An optional extension of the current data series, preferably with a separate color option (to differentiated the forcast from actual prices).
A user-definable number of bars is desirable, but since forcasting more than a few days is impractical, I'd settle for a fixed number, say 5, of extension bars.
If they need to have a default value, they could all be set to the last actual bar's value, and the user should be able to HIDE the bars individually.

Thanks for your consideration.

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An AddFutureBars-like (WL4 term) PadBars is a long-time wanted request as far as I know. That's all we can expect (re: "HIDE the bars" etc.)

Robert, maybe you have any idea regarding this enhancement request?
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It wasn't considered for 6.2, but the good news is that we're getting something much bigger and more-requested in 6.2.
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Was something like this ever added to WL? I cannot seem to find anything like it in the documentation.

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It wasn't added, and there are no plans at Fidelity to add anything like that. Peeking into the future is impractical (no bang for the buck).
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