How to register for free trial ?
Author: Alastairmurray
Creation Date: 9/8/2009 12:10 PM
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Hello there, just wondering how I register for the free trial ? There does not appear to be a way of doing this even following the instructions on the home page.

Thanks in advance

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Hello Alastair,

Thousands of those who have already taken a trial of WLD5 might disagree.

Go to Products, click on "Wealth-Lab 5", then select your download link (x86 or x64). After installing, follow the activation wizard as instructed below:

Activating Wealth-Lab Developer (.NET)
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Got it.... I promise I'm not that stupid, just was expecting something saying trial ...

Thanks very much

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Welcome aboard Alastair. If you have any questions, just ask here. Check the Home Page for links to the Wiki site where you'll find a lot of documentation to supplement the User and Programming Guides (Help menu) and many more examples.
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