FractalDim (Fractal Dimension)
Author: clearthinker
Creation Date: 8/8/2013 12:30 PM
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I always thought the fractal dimension was between 1 and 2. The wealth lab FractalDim indicator produces values less than 1. can anyone explain this?

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A good question already contains half the answer - like "I noticed a value less than 1 when FractDim with the following settings (Period = ..., Average Period = ...) was applied to symbol X, on bar scale Y, having loaded ZZZ bars of data".

Since we don't have anything of that to start with, we're essentially limited to guesswork. And my educated guess will be: perhaps your data loading range is insufficient - like 50 bars. FractalDim is calculated using its own previous values, and as any progressively-calculated indicator, its initial short-term values are unstable, and will dip below 1 for this reason until it stabilizes. Give it more data to stabilize - at least 3-4 times its period. Load 500 bars and you'll see it's OK. For more information refer to the WealthScript Programming Guide > Indicators > Stability of Indicators.

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