Forexite: No download progress even after 1 hour of wait
Author: webxtreme84
Creation Date: 6/17/2014 6:56 PM
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do i need to have a certain amount of posts to download this ?
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Hi duane bonas,

No, you haven't. To download any extension, one must be a Wealth-Lab customer. Are you a Wealth-Lab user (which version?) How do you plan to use the Forexite provider?
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Hi, I have 32 bits computer. I have problem downloading the initial batch of data. WL dev. says: "First time download might take a long time. Please stand by". No download progress even after 1 hour of wait. Any help? Thanks. (PS: I know 32 bits is NOT optimal but still it should work)
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During the initial collection phase the provider downloads several thousand of ZIP files to your hard drive. Depending on your network connection it may take a lot of time. While it works, take a look inside this folder to see if the file count is still increasing:

c:\Users\...your Windows username...\AppData\Roaming\Fidelity Investments\WealthLabDev\\Data\ForexiteProvider

If it's not, the process has stuck or entered another phase: decompression. If the provider has stuck, don't hesitate to terminate and restart it as written in the online user guide: the process will restart from where it stopped. How many symbols have you checked? To speed the process up, try at first with only one symbol to make sure the provider works for you.

Next, those thousands of files are being unzipped. Then comes another phase and it's concatenation: the provider sort of "glues" the text files together to finally parse the end result. Here what's important is how powerful your computer is, and especially what performance to expect from its hard drive, and are there several Gigabytes of free HDD space. Five years ago (in 2012) it took 7 GB of free HDD space so these days you must reserve 3-4 GB more.

Well, enough theory. 32-bit means there's less RAM is available for this computationally intensive task and therefore is NOT recommended. Unfortunately, even if it finishes eventually you will NOT be able to use this provider on 32-bit PC as its limited RAM (capped at 3GB shared with Windows, services and other apps) is not capable of handling millions of 1-minute bars.
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