Forexite data provider
Author: Eugene
Creation Date: 2/1/2012 9:47 AM
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Just released: Forexite static data provider! Wealth-Lab users can download up to 10 years of 1-minute data for 18 Forex majors and cross rates.

The provider is available for installation from our web site (Extensions section):

Forexite provider - installation link

First time DataSet creation has high HDD space requirements, so it's important that you read the online setup guide before using:

Forexite provider setup guide in the Wealth-Lab Wiki
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For Forexite: Downloader downloads data successfully. But when opening a chart, it is not loaded. It says 'No Data Available'
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Downloader downloads
and it never downloaded

Is it just me or you too see two conflicting statements here?

Be precise. We can not help you if "it doesn't work".

* Assuming that the data has loaded:

1. What is your data loading range? If "All Data", is your PC powerful enough to display 4 million bars and have you given Wealth-Lab enough time to load the data?

* Assuming that the data has NOT been loaded:

1. What single currency pair you tried?
2. How does the data update log look like?
3. Sometimes, downloading data can stop prematurely. Try repeating the update until it works.

It always pays off to describe better what's not working, because here on my desktop, everything is always working.
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First of all, thanks for designing this extension so I can start backtesting some forex trading ideas. The download worked great!

Just had a couple questions.

How difficult would it be make the Forexite data Eastern Time instead of Central European Time?

What would be the process for shading the chart with three different colors for the 3 major sessions (Asian, European, and N. American)?
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1 - The data is returned as is by the provider i.e. timestamped CET. There's no built-in facility to convert data from one time zone to another in WL. It would take a modification of the Forexite provider.

2 - Loop through the Bars, checking if the current bar's time falls inside a major session, and use some cosmetic chart method of your choice like SetBarColor or SetBackgroundColor.
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In a deleted duplicate thread, user armeseele asked:


I installed the Forexite data provider, created a dataset with EURUSD GBPUSD USDCHF USDJPY and started the download within the Data Manager. Within 15 minutes the zip files from 2001 - 2009 were loaded into the folder .../Data/ForexiteProvider. But then I can't see any progress, even if I wait more than 24 hours. Does it take the data provider really that long to update data? And why does the download stop after downloading 2009?

I use Wealth Lab 64bit on Windows 7 Servicepack 1 64bit with 6GB RAM and 26GB free disk space.

I cancelled the update after 30 hours, so in the symbol details there's neither any bars nor a date.

Update log:
Updating DataSet Forexite (1 Minute) ...
Determining if update is required, please wait...
Error while determining latest update date.
Update required: last updated at 03.01.2001 00:00:00.
First time download might take a long time. Please stand by.

I also deleted all zip files and tried again, without success.

Any ideas?

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Hi Arno,

An update would take about an hour in normal circumstances. In your case, it has most likely hung. Do not delete the files if the initial download hangs. Instead, cancel download and restart the process. It would reuse the existing files. Otherwise it'd have to reload all files from scratch - and it's a lot of files (1 zip file per day * > 300 days * years). Consequently, it'd take grabbing over 4500 individual files to get the complete history (15 years as of today) of all currencies.


I just tried to download the EURUSD history and it stopped exactly like you described after 2009. It's hard to say what the problem is right now. It used to restart the process correctly before. Maybe a server limitation or an undiscovered bug. I'll take a look into it later. Thanks for the heads-up.
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I determined what was causing hangups during the initial data collection phase. Bug has been fixed. Please update the provider using the Extension Manager.
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It works perfect now. Thanks for fast response, Eugene.
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What's new in v2018.04:

* Fix: provider creates empty files for months like 2016/01 and 2017/01 (reported by maximgl)
* New: added support for 39 more currencies, cross rates and cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum)
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