Fonts on Surface Pro 4
Author: jeanprossl
Creation Date: 1/4/2018 5:33 PM
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I've been using WL for 9 years, primarily for trading with the 3/2 strategy. Every year I update my watch list using data from the last 3 years in WL. I now have a Surface Pro 4 (i7) that doesn't work with WL, fonts are off and back testing gives me a fraction of the trades that are real when I compare the results to the same backtest on my Dell computer. Any idea of why?
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Welcome to the forums Ross.

For others living across the pond trying to understand what happens on your end, it would be optimal if you always provide a detailed description of your problem so that they had a chance to understand it. Avoid putting everything in one thread - let alone in one long sentence. Break a group of issues in pieces: display issues here, Strategy questions there.

In this thread I will focus on your display issue exclusively.

fonts are off

Nobody knows what "off" means to you - maybe it's OK for me. However, I can pass this mind reading exam without a screenshot. This is a long-standing open issue with poor display on high DPI devices. Here's what you can do to restore the fonts, labels and fix other display issues:

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 screen resolution

There's a collection of workarounds to try out but from experience, 'Override high DPI scaling behavior' has the best chance to suit the most. In my next reply I'll give some clues to resolving your other issue in a different forum thread (not here).
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For the other question please start a new forum thread. Since there is nothing like "the 3/2 strategy", make sure it's named correcty: "3x2 strategy" so that a technician could understand you. To save me and you some effort please include answers to my questions in the new thread:

gives me a fraction of the trades that are real

I am sure that every generated trade is real. Can you explain what do you think are "real" trades and what are not?

when I compare the results to the same backtest on my Dell computer.

There are existing forum threads that list more possible reasons but here are the most likely:

1. Different (physically) data files on the two PCs,
2. Different data loading ranges,
3. Different Strategy parameters
4. Different Wealth-Lab settings (e.g. not using Position.Priority or "Worst trades" as suggested in this FAQ > Every time I run a Strategy I get a different result. What am I missing? etc)

doesn't work

Sorry, "doesn't work" just doesn't work on our forum. Please read this enlightening article: How to Report Bugs Effectively > "It doesn't work". When in trouble please provide the information necessary for troubleshooting using this convenient bullet point list:

* Strategy or sample code used. Again, we ask that you provide an "as-small-as-possible" script that demonstrates the anomaly. If you're using a un-modified public Strategy, the name is sufficient.
* Wealth-Lab tool in use (Data Manager, Strategy Window, etc.)
* Single symbol or Multi-symbol mode, Position Sizing, and Data Loading settings
* Options (F12), especially from the Trading Costs/Control group
* Symbol(s) and Data provider
* Describe the problem in detail. To clarify explanations, send a screen shot by striking the "Print Screen" key and then pasting into Paint or other imaging application. Save as PNG and attach.
* Finally, indicate which steps have been taken to alleviate the problem.
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