Fidelity data missing IDBN on last minute April 7, 2017, Friday
Author: haytac
Creation Date: 4/11/2017 1:10 AM
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Just for the record:
This past Friday
Last minute (4:00pm ET) bar
IDBN = -1
Usually it is 389
Who do we let know?
Thanks and Regards,
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What is IDBN? The ticker is invalid and not recognized by the different vendors I tried (Yahoo, IQFeed).

P.S. You can add the missing bar manually (right-click a bar on 1-min chart to invoke the Bar Data Editor, then "Create new bar").
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It's IBDN, and there's no bar because there was no trade activity in the last 1 minute period. This is hardly surprising for IBDN, which only traded in 47 of the 390 1-minute bars yesterday (and in only 48 1-minute periods on average for the last month).

=== Edit ===
Whoops, just notice you said 4/7/2017. Actually, I do see a 4:00pm bar on 4/7/2017 with a 100 share trade at 24.84. Double checking with a TOS source, the trade occurred at 15:59:33.

What do you mean by "Usually it is 389"?
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