Fidelity data for .IXIC in 2008 is different in WL4 and WL5
Author: caseyjay_48
Creation Date: 1/31/2009 4:12 PM
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Have been toubleshooting code on candelsticks and came across an error in the .IXIC (NASDAQ comp) index data. Openning price data for 11/6/08 and 11/7/08 from WL5 Fidelity DataSet Indices/.IXIC does not match same for Yahoo data provider, site, Fidelity WL4 data set. I have just updated WL5 .IXIC index for 1/30/08 and error still persists. Any ideas why WL5 data does not match? As the data below shows WL5 is off quite a bit compared with and WL4 data. Yahoo is very close to WL4 data. Candlestick patterns are very sensitive to range values so this would matter...Ken

WL5 .IXIC..11/06/08..Open is 1676.92
WL4 .IXIC..11/06/08..Open is 1659.87 .IXIC..11/06/08..Open is 1659.87

WL5 .IXIC..11/07/08..Open is 1615.51
WL4 .IXIC..11/07/08..Open is 1628.71 is 1628.71
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Any ideas why WL5 data does not match?

We're not data vendors, so the best is to hear it from Fidelity.
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