Fidelity data 0 bars when updating SPY 1 minute DataSet
Author: ogunbey925
Creation Date: 5/31/2018 3:36 PM
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I am recently having this issue where I am updating data on demand and it does not update my 1 minute SPY etf data.

This is what I see on the Data update log

SPY 0 bars No data 0 bars added

I get no data when I run a strategy on this data...but it comes over if I enable streaming data....but it doesn't keep the streamed data if I close the application.

The daily data comes in fine in my other datasets.

Any solutions would be much appreciated.
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1. Does it affect SPY only? Try to add more symbols to the 1-Minute DataSet and update it. What do you see in the update log now?

2. After enabling hidden file visibility, delete this folder:

C:/Users/AppData/Roaming/Fidelity Investments/WealthLabPro/Data/FidelityStaticProvider/1 Minute

Now if you update SPY from scratch, will the big file SPY.WL be created there?
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1. Adding a new symbol didn't do the added/updated the new symbols but didn't added to the SPY symbol.

Updating Provider Fidelity Investments ...
Updating 1 Minute data ...
OEX 1404592 bars 5/31/2018 2:28 PM 1404592 bars added in 89 chunks
SPY 0 bars No data 0 bars added

2. but by deleting the folder that contained the symbol I was having a problem did the trick.


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Good to know that it helps. I think that the issue was caused by the corrupt SPY.WL file which aborted data update.
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I have walked through these directions and it did not help. other tickers load perfectly.
Do you have other suggestions?

I have a free version of Wealth Lab from fidelity, its 6.9 64 bit.
Ive been using about a month. 1 minute SPY chart won't load previous candles except current day. all other tickers Ive tested do this. SPY was working for me until a week ago. I have number of candles to display at 777

Please advise. Ive cleared data set, restarted, entered manually, etc.

Error is No Data Available
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1. Set the data range to "All data". Does it work?

2. If [x] Data range is checked in the Preferences dialog (hit F12) > Advanced Options > "Save the following items with a Strategy...", uncheck it. If it doesn't work...

3. Right click on your 1-min DataSet with SPY, click "Symbol Details", right click on SPY, choose "Reload symbol data file". Now update the DataSet to reload the SPY data. Open up a 1-min chart of SPY and set the data range to "All data". What are you seeing?

If still no go you would want to add a detailed description of all steps taken and attach a screenshot to illustrate.
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1) when I checked all data it loads a chart from 2005, pics attached.

2) I believe this is correct?

3) still same 2005 charts
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Try adding your image attachment again... make sure it's the full workspace.
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thanks, I got it working by going through your instructions again.

Thank you very very much!
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Glad to have helped.

I had no doubt that you should be up and running soon :)
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