Extension Manager: Server does not return a download URI
Author: fairone99
Creation Date: 1/4/2016 1:37 PM
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I am using WLP 6.9 now, but I believe the problem that I encounter happened in 6.8 as well.

Recently, I am trying to update the MS123 Extra Fundamental Extension. I am able to uninstall the old extension without any problem. However, I encounter some errors, when I try to install the newest MS123 Extra Fundamental Extension (2015.11).

Generally, those errors complain about the server does not return a download URI and error when identifying download URI, strong name, the request failed with an empty response.

I have also attached three screen shots for these errors.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Hi Alex,

I'm unable to reproduce this neither with WLD 6.9 nor WLD 6.8, neither HTTPS nor HTTP. The extension always installs, updates or uninstalls w/o issues.

We've just checked WLP and it works too.

P.S. By the way, uninstallation of an extension is not always a good idea in general as they may have shared DLLs. Fortunately, we made sure that uninstalling MS123 Extra Fundamental/News won't ruin other HtmlAgilityPack-dependent extensions such as Community Components. But there may exist older versions that do not make this check.


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Are you sure this wasn't a temporary glitch? If issue persists, please troubleshoot your firewall, antivirus and DNS settings. My hunch tells me this can have something to do with this field.
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Thank you so much, Eugene for the suggestion.

Yes, it must have something to do with the network settings as the extension manager works perfectly on my home PC, while not working on my office PC which has more secured network settings by cooperate network.

I will "copy" all the WLP files from my home PC to my offce PC, after I update the extension on my home PC.

Thanks and the problem is solved.

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The answer actually exists in our Wiki > Errors section for years, suggesting that your corporate proxy rejects Wealth-Lab's attempts to connect to the server hosting extensions. Please consider visiting the Wiki when experiencing an error. Let's expand the Wiki by including this:

Make sure that:

1. WealthLab.Extensions.Agent.exe isn't restricted.
2. Ports 80/443 are open for WealthLabPro.exe.
3. www.wealth-lab.com (IP is accessible to apps like WealthLabPro.exe.

P.S. For my response to your OpenInsider problem, please see this thread.
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I just notice that Wiki has a wealth of useful trouble shooting information and is a good first place to look for solutions. Thank you for the suggestion!
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