Executing trades in Interactive Brokers
Author: BostonFern123
Creation Date: 8/15/2010 2:19 AM
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I want to do mechanical trading, and I prefer to stick with WealthLabPro. I understand Interactive Broker has APIs that can be used by C++, Java, visual basic or excel.

Can WealthLabPro interact with Interactive Broker through any of these APIs? If yes, I would greatly appreciate a link on how this can be done.
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In other words, you want to make 120 trades a year to keep your WLP entitlement, if it exists, and use IB as your primary (or backup) broker?

Check out the FAQ, nothing else to add, and this applies to WLP/WLD: I would like to create a broker adapter for Wealth-Lab Developer 5.
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Recently, a 3rd party has created a solution for getting static/streaming data and trading with IB using WL Developer 6 (not Wealth-Lab Pro):

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