Exception handling within WealthLab.dll
Author: Ben_Zurich
Creation Date: 9/30/2015 4:05 AM
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How do you handle exceptions within the WeathLab.dll methods?

Of course, when there is garbage input, there will be garbage out, including exceptions within the WealthLab methods.

Unfortunately, due to circumstances I don't understand, there are exceptions generated even when the input is correct. Earlier I have reported the "thread errors" which are just an example of this category.

Some of these exceptions are thrown and I as a caller can handle it.

But some of the exceptions are not thrown. In this case, an error window pops up and requires attention. This means that our nightly batch processing used to produce graphic charts is interrupted.

Statistically, "Object reference not set to an instance of an Object" is the one that occurs most often as a pop-up window. But we also had other types of exceptions like "Parse errors" which are not thrown but pop up a window.

I am aware that there are some exceptions which are even beyond your control, such as the well known "GDI+" error. Actually it is well possible that all these window pop-ups that bother us so much in batch processing are beyond your control as well.

So to make a long story short: Do you throw all exceptions that occur within your methods back to the caller by means of a try/catch routine? For a future release of WealthLab.dll, this would be our wish.

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As I already suggested (#1, #2, #3), not all internally used methods are thread-safe to guarantee that your batch processing would always work as envisioned.

It's unrealistic to expect that Fidelity would consider making any changes to the deep-rooted components such as exception handling just because some unknown code produces errors.
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I see, thank you for the Information.

In this case I will try to modify our umbrella AutoIt script to click those evil popups through.
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