Excel as a DataSet
Author: Swissi
Creation Date: 2/28/2013 11:53 AM
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I am working with Wealth-Lab Developer 64-bit Edition.

I have installed Excel-32-bit version on my machines, because Bloomberg does not support Excel-64-bit version. I have now some problems in bringing data into WL. I get an error message: "Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0"- provider is not registered on the machine. Can I work with a 32-bit ACE 2010 driver and 64-bit WL?
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No experience with it, but does this help?

If you're using the Editor, you could try adding a reference to 'Microsoft.ACE.Oledb.12.0.dll'
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Can I work with a 32-bit ACE 2010 driver and 64-bit WL?

No, you can't. Only with 32-bit WL, which you can install side-by-side.

Questions regarding extensions are discussed under the Extensions forum. With our new search-as-you-type feature, finding results is usually one click away. Just type in "excel" in the search box. Here's an answer to the exactly same problem that you could find by using the forum search:

Excel Static provider error message
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