Error when updating DataSet with newly added currencies
Author: mtulett
Creation Date: 2/23/2018 6:47 PM
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I added NEO and ADA to the default set of currencies and I got this when I updated it (it worked with the default set)

Updating DataSet Cryptocurrency (Daily) 2 ...
Up-to-date symbols: 0, Update required for: 8, New symbols: 2
Error: The added or subtracted value results in an un-representable DateTime.
Parameter name: value
Update completed (0.41 sec)

I have tried creating a new dataset and using other well-known symbols but this error keeps turning up.

Any ideas what might be causing it?

Many thanks
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You've spotted a bug. Look for its fix in upcoming update of the provider. Thanks for the heads-up.
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What's new in v2018.03:

* Fix: occasional error message when updating newly added currency symbols (thanks mtulett)
* Fix: attempt to alleviate the crippled Hourly data returned after making several big requests
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