Edited watchlist XML file not accessible by WL6
Author: Ben_Zurich
Creation Date: 8/6/2012 4:47 AM
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I've had that problem long ago, but not reported here. Now the case came up again.

When making large Aronow watchlists, it is sometimes a tedious task to include all components. A better way would be to be able to edit an already existing watchlist XML file, which actually is an XML structure within an XML data field of the watchlist XML file.

It turns out that if I change but one character within that file, e.g. changing ticker 'A' to 'T', the watchlist is no longer accessible by WL6 and actually disappears from the Dataset list.

I don't know whether this is an Aronow or a WL6 problem, I only know that Aronow could not help at the time.

an XML file will be generated
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Not sure why mangling with the XML file manually with Wealth-Lab closed (!) should be any better. To me it's counter-intuitive but that's up to you.

But "this might void your warranty" as they say. That's definitely neither an Aronow nor a WL6 problem -- it's the user problem caused by editing the XML file incorrectly. Just for example:

* breaking its structure,
* changing a valid ticker to an invalid one,
* entering a ticker missing in this DataSet,
* not using an XML-savvy text editor,
* editing the file while Wealth-Lab is open

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Thank you for the lesson. All five criteria are definitely not fulfilled. Otherwise I would not report it.

** how can I break the structure by changing one character in a XML content or an attribute ?
** of course I take a valid ticker ...
** ... that is present in the dataset
** I use Altova XmlSpy, probably the best xml editor out there
** of course I closed WL6 before altering the XML file

Did you try it the correct way?

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Sure I made an experiment as you suggested. Expectedly, a change of one ticker to another valid one (both belong to the same DataSet) in an XML editor did not break the Aronow DataSet file. Further, a DataSet disappearing from the DataSet tree might be a good indication of broken XML structure. Did you double check for that in Altova's XML validator?
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So if you want us to move further, I'll need a reproducible scenario e.g. create an Aronow DataSet of this kind, then do step A etc.
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Sorry for the delay in replying you.

I don't know what went wrong at the time I first tried to construct large watchlists outside WL6, but now it works. My apologies!

For all who want to do the same, remember the following:

(1) make an Aronow watchlict within WL6 in order to be able to duplicate its internal structure

(2) The <Name> attribute within the <Dataset> tab must contain the file name of the watchlist (without ".xml")

(3) The contents of the field <DSString> consists of an XML file in itself, where "<" and ">" are replaced by "{" and "}". The watchlist members are located in this inner XML file

(4) every 'msdata:rowOrder' attribute within the {DATASET} tab must contain a unique integer for every member of the watchlist

(5) the {Source} tab denotes the dataset of the {symbol} and must be present and non-empty (no auto-search for tickers within datasets)

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