Edit Bloomberg Static Adapter files (.WLO)?
Author: Ben_Zurich
Creation Date: 4/18/2013 4:14 AM
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1) Is there any way / tool how edit / adjust existing .WLO Files ?

E.g., manually edit obvious data spikes?

2) Or is there any .dll or a piece of code available
that would make it possible for us to access and then read an write the .WLO files ?

With that, we could then edit / control such files with some routines after download.
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3) Wasn't there a project somewhere to create a new release of the Bloomberg Static Adapter ?
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1, 2. It wouldn't be too hard to create a tool to edit those files. It's the standard Wealth-Lab binary data format described here for "Primate Software DataSources"

3. That downloader/adapter is going on 10 years now and for sure we'd like to rewrite it for WL6. The problem in the past has always been that Bloomberg wouldn't allow use of the API to non-subscribers, but that has changed recently. As soon as Bloomberg releases their data simulator, we'll be all over this project. :)
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Is there possibly any other help that you could provide us with,
such as e.g. some lines of code from the BB Adapter (accessing, reading and writing) ?

So we would be quicker in implementing it?

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