DrawLinRegChannel causing compiler error
Author: cheers32
Creation Date: 4/24/2017 8:19 PM
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Hi Eugene, Cone,

I was using DrawLinRegChannel in my strategy. However, while the code runs fine at home, the same code causes compilation error at my office computer. I feel very strange about it and I couldn't find the cause. The error message is:

error CS1061 ... does not contain a definition for 'DrawLinRegChannel' and no extension method ...

Secondly but not related, the WealthLab installed on my office computer cannot show CBOE provider's data with message "No Data Available". So I just assume there's some filewall affecting this data provider, but don't know the cause and not sure how to find support.

Please see if you could help.

Thank you,
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1. You need to install the Community.Components extension. It contains the method DrawLinRegChannel

2. When you update the CBOE provider using the Data Manager, what does the Data Update Log show?
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Secondly but not related,

Indeed this is true. Search now functions very well across the forum. Please look up a related forum thread for the CBOE provider and we'll get it sorted there - possibly helping others with the same question should they have it later.

It's important that different issues won't get mixed on the forum, and the continuous effort invested in renaming threads so they instantly appear in search then pays for itself. If we could split threads I'd do it but since we can't, it's optimal that one thread doesn't contain unrelated questions.

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