Draw trendlines with own indicators?
Author: Archel
Creation Date: 3/30/2010 12:06 PM
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I have made some indicators in mql that automatically draw trendlines using a formula.
Now it's easy to make an EA of it but I want to backtest it on M1 to know which rules I have to use to come the closest to the manual system.

But what I don't know is, is this possible with wealth-lab?
Because I have found how to add an EA in wealth-lab, but not how to add an indicator.
So, is it possible to import my custom made automatic trendline indicators and then backtest the EA, formed around those indicators?

thx in advance
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Hello and welcome,

What's an "EA", is this the short for 'expert adviser'?

A Wealth-Lab indicator can be used to draw custom trendlines (example: TrendLinePeaks/TrendLineTroughs), but keep in mind that it's also possible to draw trend lines in a systematic manner right in your Strategy code. Take a look at DrawLine example in the QuickRef (hit F11). If you import your automatic trendline logic to a WealthScript Strategy or an Indicator, then you should be able to backtest the EA formed around it.
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thx :)

EA means indeed expert advisor.

I didn't think about the fact that I can just import the logic with some changes into the strategy itself, instead of in a custom indicator.

thanks again!
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