Does strategy run once on each bar or each tick?
Author: Clearpicks
Creation Date: 3/14/2017 2:38 PM
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I am new to Wealth-Lab. Does Wealth-Lab script run at the open (or close) of each bar or it can run in realtime on each tick?
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In realtime, the script is executed when a new "bar" is added to the chart. The bar interval can be a tick if your streaming provider support it.

I would never recommend tick bars for trading using Wealth-Lab. There's too much overhead (post processing) to do that in real time. However, no matter what bar interval you use in real time, you should create a Workspace that uses the fewest Visualizers as possible - probably you only need the "Trades" visualizer for real time.
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So it seems the script runs on 1-second chart, the script is executed every one second (assuming the stock is traded quite actively thus there is one bar for each second.)
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Ticks and Seconds are basically not supported for live trading. No choice of second/tick scale in the Fidelity static data, no ability to run external data of those scales (e.g. IQFeed) in the Strategy Monitor.
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