Does WLD 5.1 support fundamentals and external data store?
Author: abwl
Creation Date: 6/23/2008 11:33 PM
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I would like to know whether WLD 5.1 include the following features :
1) allow to download fundamental data from Yahoo (e.g. P/E, Dividend Yield, Debt/Equity ratio ...etc)
2) store both price data (e.g. OHLC) and fundamental data (e.g. P/E, Dividend Yield) to external data store (e.g. SQL Server, plain text file)
3) retrieve data from exteranl data store (e.g. SQL Server, plain text file) and plot on Wealth-lab (e.g. add an indicator (e.g. P/E) on the price graph of IBM)

Please kindly advice. thx !
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This functionality is not included out of the box. However, everything that you mention could be added.

1) It could be as easy as a scripting solution that downloads data (like below) and then stores it into a plain text file:
HowTo | Access Internet sites and collect historical data on-the-fly

Or more straight -- someone could build a Fundamental Provider which are now supported (for example, the built-in Y! one provides split and dividend item data).

2, 3) Again, interacting with an SQL database could be implemented in a Strategy, in an Extension (read: Add-in), or as a Data Provider.
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thx for the reply.

that means wealth-lab would provide the API for user so that now wealth-lab user can use the API to build custom extension for wealth-lab, right ?

Is these API in form of DLL and we need to add to wealth-lab in order to call the API functions ?

Would like to know if there's any example about how to implement an extension when WLD 5.1 is released.

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The irony of it is that our API documents and Extension tutorials are front-running the application itself :-)

Wealth-Lab 5.1 has a number of open and documented APIs so that developers could create their "plugins" (Extensions). See "Extensions" above. In our WL5 Wiki we've already uploaded several fully disclosed open source Extensions: Performance Visualizers, indicators, a function library. More to follow, including the rest of API docs.

If you don't want an extra complexity of creating your own Data Provider, an Extension to read an SQL database could be a simple .NET library to be called in a Strategy.
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Is it possible to work with bid-ask data with E.g. simulating fills on quote data?
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It's possible if you design a way to access that information and process it in a realistic way. Wealth-Lab is still geared to stocks and futures, not forex.
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Will the v4 -> v5 Wealthlab script converter be delivered with v5.1?
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No. The free conversion tool sponsored by Fidelity would be a separate tool developed by a third party.

Another for-purchase, no-conversion-required tool is already available here.
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