Discretionary entries
Author: rcooney
Creation Date: 2/10/2016 2:07 PM
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Can I use wealth-lab like an off-hours paper account? That is can I test manually entered discretionary trade strategies on dynamic chart data?
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Yes you can - with the help of an extension named Community Components (available after verification of WLP entitlement; click here to pass it):

Import real (historical) trades
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Eugene, thanks for that reply earlier today.

As a newbie, please understand I'm doing my best with all this info and simply thought that appropriate access had to be provided. Upon circling back to this topic, it was realized that the "Community.Components....wle" file could be downloaded for use with "Manual Trading".

Appreciate your reply and confirmation that Cone has my account access rights all setup.

Will plan to post additional new topics with more info and questions about how I can use WLP for manual trading.

PS: How come the font color feature doesn't work?
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You're welcome.

Sure the font color feature works; I use it all the time. Click the black square, pick a color, click "Insert...", then type your text inside the tag.
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