Debug via home network
Author: streak
Creation Date: 6/23/2011 3:44 AM
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Now, after much effort, I figure I just hit a licensing brick wall?

Since WL4 I'm just getting into C# and have spent much time over the last 2 days trying to get some code correct to test debugging from VS2010 C#.

The resources have been good & finally after getting 100's of chars round the right way (& trying to understand some basic C# concepts), I hit F11 in VS2010 and it almost fired up my WLD6. Well almost! An activation key request came up and I wasn't able to change the fingerprint to the other machine off the end of my RJ45 wire!

Wow. But VS2010 had no problem first up yesterday referencing WealthLab.dll

Please don't tell me after all this I can not procede to debug from my networked VS2010? Please, please say there is a work around.

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First of all, don't worry. Regardless of RJ45, RJ11 or WiMax, we can get an activation issue, even as specific as this "network debugging" one -- sorted out privately if you enter a new support ticket -- if it's truly an activation issue.

I'm not totally sure how is your network debugging using VS2010 is organized. Are you doing it in an RDP/VNC session or it's something else? Please describe your setup step by step as it's not clear to me.
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To anyone interested. Reason: a network share doesn't turn a computer into a terminal server. Your debugging still happens on the machine with installed Visual Studio.

Furthermore, remote debugging is not supported on Visual Studio Express. Minimum required VS edition is Pro, however, the procedure will be different; for more details, check out MSDN/Google.
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