Data Providers in Strategy Monitor (other than Yahoo)
Author: hlh
Creation Date: 5/23/2017 8:57 AM
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Yahoo is a free data provider in Wealth-Lab commonly used in Strategy Monitor for automated daily executions.

(1) As it sometimes fails, what would be the alternative (free) providers that can be used? I believe that e.g. Morningstar, Quote Media, Nasdaq, and Google do not work in Strategy Monitor.

(2) May I suggest to code-fix Strategy Monitor as such that it allows above mentioned providers? I believe the easiest approach would be to not let them throw errors when on demand updates or update checks (which I believe are the reason they don't work yet) do not work but skip this check.
One could easily setup Data Manager to request data updates for providers like Morningstar etc. before Strategy Monitor would run a strategy referring to that downloaded data.
If signal data is critical, one could enter date checks (like: is last bar date = previous close date of exchange) in the code to avoid basing decisions on not correctly updated historical data.

I believe that (1) and/or (2) could help many Wealth-Lab users in having an alternative for by Strategy Monitor automated executed strategies that are based on Yahoo.

Thank you!

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I believe that e.g. Morningstar, Quote Media, Nasdaq, and Google do not work in Strategy Monitor.

All of them (and more - except ASCII and Metastock) work in the Strategy Monitor until proven otherwise. Not sure where this comes from (please point me to) but for a long time these (and other) providers contain explicit SM support for EOD data.

As it sometimes fails,

Good news: after a major breakdown (decommissioned old API), we're already testing a revamped version of the Yahoo! provider.
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Sorry, my bad, disregard my post!

Reason that it broke when used over non Yahoo data: code refers to GetExternalSymbol ^GSPC to work with S&P500 (from Yahoo)

As I remembered that you, I believe, once told me some providers do not work in Strategy Monitor I wrongly assumed Morningstar and others wouldn't based on the errors I got. I am glad tho, as I now fixed the code and have working alternatives in case Yahoo breaks temporarily or dies for good - we never know what the new owners have in mind.

Thanks also for working on the Yahoo provider!
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Harry, I'm pleased to tell you that the Yahoo provider will keep working again if you update the extension.
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