Data Issue - UBB split in 2008
Author: wycan
Creation Date: 1/1/2009 11:49 AM
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UBB (Unibanco) looks like they had a 5:1 stock split on 10/20/08 according to WL Pro if you chart it. The chart does not appear to be adjusting for the split. I've tried updating the dataset, running bad data check etc etc. Other charts (yahoo, goog, msn) appear to show the chart correctly. It looks like they also had a merger on or around that date.

Should the data automatically be adjusted for this event on 10/20/08 ? Is there another utility I need to run ?

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It looks like the split is in error. Perhaps one was planned, but didn't occur, or the fundamental data item is in error. Notice the same problem appears in ATP. Try reloading the chart history first (right click menu). If that doesn't work out, you can manually apply a reverse split to correct the data, but to get rid of the split item indicator, it's something you need to work out with your data provider.
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