Daily indicator to show value intra-day
Author: htg
Creation Date: 8/13/2012 11:18 AM
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[This seems like a question that would have been covered in the past, but I was unable to find any discussion of it in the user guides, the forum, or the wiki. I'm sure it's my search ability that is at fault.]

I usually place my orders towards the end of the trading day (not necessarily right at the close). Therefore, I would like indicators that I apply to daily data to show their value on an on-going basis (ie, in real time) just as the price value is shown in the PricePane when I stream the data from Fidelity.

All the ingredients are there: O is known and the H, L, C, and V are known to the current tick.

I realize this places an extra computational burden on the system but am hoping that there is away to turn such a capability on and off.

Thank you
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Check this out: Knowledge Base > Intraday / Multi-Time Frame | Mixing intraday and daily data > "Updating a Daily indicator using Intraday values"
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