Custom Field's DataSeries as input (Neuro-Lab)
Author: safwanvic
Creation Date: 11/11/2010 3:39 AM
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I'm trying to use a custom series as input to the neural network.

In the ASCII file, I added a custom field "PER" (PE ratio) in addition to the existing DOHLCV fields.

In Wealth-Lab, I can use the findnamedseries function to access the custom field's dataseries and afterwards create a trading strategy, i.e. buy when PER < 10, etc.

Unfortunately, I'm stuck at Neuro-Lab.

I can put the findnamedseries function in NL, but I have no idea how to use/code the PER Series as Neuro-Lab input. The Neuro-Lab FAQ mentions:

Does the input data have to be price data, or can it be another type of data like price-to-earnings ratio, day of week, weather forecast, etc.?

You can use any numerical input data that you like or that you can generate in a script. In the end, the data are simply a series of floating point numbers that is passed to the NL.NeuroLab.Input function.

Can anyone please help me with the steps and code to access and use the custom field's dataseries as input in Neuro-Lab?

Really appreciate any help, and many thanks in advance.
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Did you see the Neuro-Lab Help Guide (Help menu) and examples?

See the Input Script topic and let me know if it's still not clear.
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Hi Cone

Yes I have seen the Neuro-Lab Input Script topic and examples.

Initially it didn't work, but looking at them again as well as the WealthScript QuickRef, I just noticed what went wrong. It works like a charm now, many thanks:)
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