Creating a Screener for stock X% below 20/50-day High
Author: NoelG80
Creation Date: 2/4/2014 7:25 AM
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I'm a newbie concerning the programming in wealth-lab and i want to create a screener, that screens
and finds equities with the following characteristics:

- last price is 0 - 5 % below the 20-day-high (or alternative max. 5 % below the 20-day-high)
- last price is 0 -10 % below the 50-day-high (or alternative max. 10 % below the 50-day-high)

Is it possible to create such a screener? And if yes, how can this be done?

Many thanks for your answers in advance.

Kind regards,

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Hi Steffen,

It seems to me that these conditions give a signal almost every day:

Please log in to see this code.

More information in the WealthScript Programming Guide: Techniques > Creating a Screener
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Hi Eugene,

thank you very much for the super-fast answer.

I will check out your code to find out, if it's this what I'm searching for.

Thanks again for your fast answer, i appreciate your fast and competent support very much.

Kind regards,


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