Crash.... & Installable / Backups?
Author: BigReturns
Creation Date: 5/19/2009 10:22 AM
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I just installed WLP5.3 last Friday and it worked until it did major crash last night. Since then, anytime I try to open or create a new strategy it gave me an error. (I didn't get the error... sry)

Figuring something got corrupt, I uninstalled WLP5.3 and attempted to reinstall, however, when it starts to perform the install (after accepting the agreement & complete installation prompts) get a message saying
"The system administrator has set policies to prevent this installation"
. Windows ACL doesn't prompt for installation.

It installed on Friday without any issues. I am the administrator on my personal laptop. I have not installed another other applications or updates. I rebooted and turned off virus scanner and I still can't get it to install.....?????

HELP! :) Any Ideas?

By the way, I get absolutely no results whats-so-ever when I do a content search on the forum. Is it search function working?

System Spec.
- Window Vista - Business Edition
- Not connected to a domain.
- Bit Defender (Antivirus)
- No Window Updates Applied Since Installation.
- Last Windows Update on 5/14/2009 (prior to installation):

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Trying deleting EditorSettings.xml in your user Data folder. See User Guide > Data chapter for the location.
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Deleting the EditorSettings.xml worked!
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