Convert ASCII to another format for better performance?
Author: Alex_Analytic
Creation Date: 10/5/2008 1:46 PM
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I am using ASCII Files as data source. Could you please suggest is it necessary to convert it to another format to receive the best performance using wealth script? What is the optimal format to be used in WLD 5 and WLD 4?
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If the data are Daily or higher, I wouldn't worry about converting.

For intraday data, convert to WL format and use the WL4 Data Provider to read it using the "Developer" option.

Here's a Strategy to use to perform the binary conversion.
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Thank you, Cone. What should I use to convert ASCII format to WL format?
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What should I use to convert ASCII format to WL format?

Since you're using WLD4 too, then DataToWL utility - HERE's how.

The same process from WL5 could be made easier, see WL5 Wiki: Data | Exporting data out of WL5 to ASCII and WL4 native binary files (actually, Robert's link above already answers your question).

UPDATE 06/21/2017: Topic is no longer actual since ASCII data now has binary cache for better performance.
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Thank you, very useful links
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