Compiled Strategies not Showing Up in V6
Author: ss161
Creation Date: 3/4/2013 7:13 PM
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I've rebuilt several old libraries under Wealth-lab v6 using SharpDevelop as my IDE; I have three main libraries: ATP.Components, ATP.Indicators and ATP.Strategies. The Strategies library is dependent on the Components and Indicators libraries. All the libaries build to completion using SharpDevelop and generate .dll files in the WL6 folder.

When I start up Wealth-Lab and click Open Strategy, there is no folder that shows up for the library and none of the strategies show up -- each of the strategies has a helper class that includes a GUID.

Once Wealth-Lab is running, if i copy the code from the IDE, paste it into WL6 as a new strategy and add a few missing references (usually System.Data and System.xml), the strategies compile and run.

The fact that they run tell me that the dependent libraries are fine. I can't figure out why the Strategies are not showing up when I start WL6.

Any ideas?


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The key details here are your Wealth-Lab version and project's .NET framework version. Choose .NET 4.0 for the project if running WLP 6.4, and .NET 3.5 for WLP 6.3.
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Thanks. I was building in .Net 4.0 and running WLP 6.4; but when I went and looked at the Project Options, the target CPU had been set to 32 bit; I changed it to Any and the strategies now show up.
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Thanks, I'll add this to a FAQ.
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