Combining signals from different indices
Author: upday211
Creation Date: 2/22/2017 10:32 PM
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Downloaded wealth lab one week ago. About to embark on learning C# but I want to make sure of capabilities of the program before learning and finding out it's not capable of what I want to do.

1) Can I generate a buy/sell signal by combining indicator signals from different indices/stocks?

2) Can I generate an independent chart that illustrates these signals? (it's an oscillator based on Momentum of various indices/stocks)

If so, I know I have a lot to learn before getting there, but knowing it is capable will keep me working at it. Thanks
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Yes to both. The keyword here is "external symbol". As this has been discussed many times on the forum, you'll find a lot of pointers if you start typing in "external" in our forum's search box. Like this, for example:

External Symbol - Plotting and Using

The things to look for include:

1. GetExternalSymbol in the QuickRef (F11 key),
2. DataSeries > Accessing Secondary Symbols in the WealthScript Programming Guide,
3. downloadable strategies inside the "Intermarket" folder (click "Download..." in the "Open Strategy" dialog to download them into your WLP)

Should you have any specific questions, please fire away.
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