Closed End Funds Datasource (NAV differential to current Price)
Author: tedclimo
Creation Date: 10/5/2011 1:00 PM
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Does anyone know of a datasource (that can be imported to WLP) of Closed End Fund NAV'a?
I would like to study historical data on Closed End Funds(CEF) NAV vs. current price.
Read an article recently that CEF Price(s) was ~ -21% of NAV in 1st Qtr 2011.... sparking my interest in researching the facts, just the facts.... not rumour.
Many CEF's today showing 10%+ Div Yld. But that alone is not enough to leap.
A study of SPY price vs particular CEF price vs CEF NAV might suggest when CEF's are a smart play.
Case in point:
NCZ (CEF/Debt Fund) rose 233%(to peak) from March 9,2009 market bottom while SP-500 rose 102%
NCZ fell -30% from recent peak while SP-500 fell -18%
Net, Net...
NCZ still up 138% with a 14.29% Div Yld.
SPY still up 66% with a 2.19% Div Yld.
Point is, their is plenty of incentive here to study effect of Delta b/t CEF NAV's & Price contrasted to SP-500.

Again my question is:
Does anyone know of a datasource (that can be imported to WLP) of Closed End Fund NAV's?

Thanks in advance & all the best to you & yours.

BTW, Robert & Eugene.... this topic might make for an interesting article in future ATmag issue.
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Hi Ted,

I'm not aware of an easily accessible datasource for NAV data of closed end funds. There are some like Allianz's website or CEFConnect but it'll take an effort to grab the data.
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Thanks for your wisdom!
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