Chart Streaming Data Status
Author: johnwlab
Creation Date: 5/19/2009 12:58 PM
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Streaming data seems to be working OK with the
Strategy Charts I am using with last bar on
the chart being updated properly. However, for
the last 2 days, when Streaming is enabled on
a Chart the Streaming Button on the Status Bar
no longer turns White. I may have accidently
changed a setting that affected this.

Is there a Preference Setting or some other
setup required to ensure that when Streaming
is active for a chart that the Steaming Button
indicates this by turning White?

Note: When you put the Mouse on the Streaming Button
its says "Enable/Disable Streaming". It would be nice
if said either "Enable Streaming" or "Disable Streaming".

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Gosh, it would help to have a picture to understand exactly what you're seeing, but it's possible that if you made a change to your Windows theme, it can affect the look of the buttons.

It's a good suggestion for the button hint text, but to me it seems like overkill since since it should already be obvious when the button is depressed (or not).
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Cone, Thanks for the reply. It was the Windows theme that had been modified.
When I reset the theme from a modified theme to "Windows XP", the Streaming Button
turned White when Streaming data was enabled.

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