Changing font sizes of the menu
Author: 16xx25
Creation Date: 1/22/2014 4:10 PM
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How can I change the size of WL menu items such as "FILE TOOLS ..."

Some font items , i.e. "editor" , "chart" are extra small while menu items and a few others are extra large

Thanks in advance

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None of the items are "extra large" or "extra small" by default. I can imagine that happening, for instance, if you have incorrectly customized the GUI font sizes in Windows, changing some items w/o affecting the others:

How to Change the Default Font on Windows 7

Should you change the DPI setting in Windows Control Panel > Display > Medium/Larger, the font size would be uniform but this is NOT recommended to do for adverse effects. Wealth-Lab will look really ugly:

Open Issues > (146) Aplication needs to support 120 DPI throughout - Deferred

But IMHO, the problem for users finding themselves in need to change the DPI/font size is caused by picking a monitor/laptop without doing their homework on dot pitch of their new device and is the font size comfortable or not. High resolutions like FullHD on a typical laptop screen (15") or even a 20" desktop display will make the text uncomfortably small for most eyes. As a rule of thumb, anything below .28mm - .29mm is a recipe for eye fatigue and should clearly be avoided for anything but watching movies or playing games.