Candlestick Patterns in Code?
Author: tybo09
Creation Date: 4/12/2009 9:18 AM
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Is there any coding with candlestick patterns, trends, etc? I have been wanting to write a code for candlestick patterns but I don't know how to go about it honestly any help would be great.

For example: An Engulfing Pattern - it is characterized by a small body, followed by a day with the body completely engulfs the previous day's body.I really don't know the exact percentage of the candlestick patterns to be able to code this pattern.
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Sure. See WealthScript Programming Guide, WealthLab.Rules Classes > Candlesticks.
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I can't find those forums anywhere, can you post me a link to those links please
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It's not a forum link but something under your Help menu in WL5.
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Ok thanks for the help.
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After I click help, wealth-script programming guide, i don't see the wealth-lab. rules, I only see:
How to run basic Example Code
The bars object
data series
painting the chart
program. trading strategies
multi-time frame analysis
backtesting chart style

I have tried to search it but it never showed up anywhere .

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The documentation was added for WLP 5.3. If your using WL Pro, upgrade to 5.3.
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I dont see WLP 5.3
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Because you have installed Wealth-Lab Developer 5.

Download WLP5
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hi everyone, i am far from having the capability of coding, but i noticed think or swim has candlestick recognition capability, if anyone can code for the following it would be great for wealth lab pro:

Bearish and Bullish

AbandonedBaby BeltHold Breakaway Doji Engulfing Harami HaramiCross Kicking LongLeggedDoji Marubozu MeetingLines SeparatingLines SideBySideWhiteLines ThreeLineStrike TriStar ZigZagStepPattern

Bearish Only

AdvanceBlock DarkCloudCover Deliberation DownsideGapThreeMethods DownsideTasukiGap EveningDojiStar EveningStar FallingThreeMethods HangingMan IdenticalThreeCrows InNeck LowPriceGappingPlay OnNeck ShootingStar ThreeBlackCrows ThreeInsideDown ThreeOutsideDown Thrusting TwoCrows UpsideGapTwoCrows

Bullish Only

ConcealingBabySwallow Hammer HighPriceGappingPlay HomingPigeon InvertedHammer MatchingLow MatHold MorningDojiStar MorningStar PiercingLine RisingThreeMethods StickSandwich ThreeInsideUp ThreeOutsideUp ThreeStarsInTheSouth ThreeWhiteSoldiers UniqueThreeRiverBottom UpsideGapThreeMethods UpsideTasukiGap

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And how capable are you in studying the manual? ;)

WealthScript Programming Guide > WealthLab.Rules Classes > Candlesticks

Also don't forget that there's a whole lot of candlestick patterns in Rule-based Strategies > Conditions > Candlesticks...
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Have there been additional candlestick patterns added than what is shown in the Programmers Guide. How about 'Spinning Top'.
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If they were added I guess the Guide would've been updated? ;)

What do you think about including the spinning top pattern in the CandlePattern Rules Class library?
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Done. You can find it under Candlesticks Other > Neutral Spinning Top

A spinning top's body can be black or white - it doesn't matter. Use other indicators like RSI or MACD appropriately to determine if you want to attempt to trade a reversal in trend.
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