Can I retrieve missed signals from back to a prior day?
Author: royhallquist
Creation Date: 10/5/2017 3:49 PM
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I have a question about historical data. Daily scan only. If I should loose contact with the Internet for a few days (such as in a snow storm) how then can I discover (or retrieve) any signals I may have missed? Is there a way to run the simulation backwards from an earlier time, find get any missed trade
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For daily scans (i.e. WealthScript Programming Guide > Techniques > Creating a Screener), change this line to go back X days:

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For historical simulations, you can simply check out the Trades tab. Additionally, the Portfolio Inspector visualizer's Trades view returns all realized trades (not Alerts) which happened on a given date for all instruments of your DataSet. Part of MS123 Visualizers, install extension and restart WLP to apply.
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The most basic way is to choose a specific Date Range.
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